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How to use OBS for podcast recording OBS Forums.
I've' done just that for some of my audio podcasts. Record in OBS Studio and bring it into Audacity for post processing. Right now, I looking into getting the most out of OBS for recording my own podcast. You must log in or register to reply here.
The Obs Pod on Apple Podcasts.
2023 The Obs Pod. 5.0 out of 5. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Florences podcast. She was my registrar many years ago and I recognised her calm manner of speaking, kindness and common sense approach in her podcast with her advice.
How Do I Set Up OBS Studio To Do Podcasting? OBS Forums.
So, for an audio-only podcast, I'll' be looking at an audio editor as mrlewismharris noted above as the appropriate tool, not a video tool like OBS. In a similar vein, for recording video only, depending on exact content, a video editor could be the better tool than OBS just depends.
The OBS Truckery Podcast on Apple Podcasts.
Ill be at the NoBS OBS truck show. Awesome OBS podcast. Great podcast talking about OBS fords, marketplace moments which are awesome and anything to do with the OBS community. I strongly suggest listening and also buying some of their products!
OBS Studio for Podcasts Apps4Rent.
How OBS Studio Helps You Podcast Your Content? You do not need to use different software programs to record, process, and stream your podcasts as OBS Studio has all these functions included. As we have discussed, OBS accepts audio from your microphone.
Home Basisschool De Venen.
De Venen Podcast. Onze school in beeld. Rapport Excellente Scholen 2022 - 2025. Rapport Excellente Scholen 2018-2021. Inspectierapport oktober 2017. Rapport Excellente Scholen 2015-2017. Scholen op de kaart. Protocol overgang Voortgezet Onderwijs. Instroom nieuwe kleuters. Bekijk ons gebouw. Werken bij Klasse. Wij zijn ons als school bewust van de belangrijke opdracht die wij hebben. Kinderen begeleiden in hun groei naar zelfstandigheid, waardoor ze later als onafhankelijke, gelukkige mensen een plaats kunnen vinden in de maatschappij. Wat we bieden. Nieuwe kinderen ouders. Instroommomenten nieuwe kleuters. Kennismaking en rondleiding. Goed op de hoogte. Voor- en tussenschoolse opvang. Regelgeving Vrijstelling van Schoolbezoek. Volg ons op Facebook. OBS De Venen.
I use OBS to make a video podcast.: obs.
I use OBS to make a video podcast. I just thought I'd' share. I hope that's' OK in this subreddit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-TOtyRzW5Y.: I use two Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, and one Zoom H4 recorder for the audio. I switch the cameras live/while recording so I don't' have to make any edits later.
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How to Record with OBS Step-by-Step Tutorial.
After you've' downloaded OBS Studio and gotten familiar with its interface, you'll' want to begin setting everything up. Though adjusting the OBS recording settings can get a bit complicated, this OBS studio tutorial will walk you through making adjustments so you can easily capture quality content for your podcast, vlog, or stream.
OBS De Fonkel.
Van harte welkom op de website van OBS De Fonkel. Onze school staat in de B-buurt Gesworen Hoek van de Reeshof, Tilburg. We zijn een kleine, knusse, buurtschool, waar ieder kind gezien wordt. Ons onderwijs is permanent in ontwikkeling om onderwijs volgens de meeste recente, wetenschappelijk bewezen manieren, vorm te geven. Hoe we dat doen, vertellen Marcel en Max in deze podcast, kijk en luister mee.
Creating OBS: The MOST POPULAR Streaming Software - Gaming Careers.
The scope of OBS and it's' many use-cases. How many people work on OBS Studio. Dealing with pressure to perform whilst streaming. Jim's' favorite streamers to watch. The platform wars between Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook. OBS Discord for support. OBS Studio Podcast Streaming Twitch.

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